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Current and Past Research Projects


*2017-2019 – Department of Energy - Comparative Analysis of Microbially-mediated Mercury Cycling in Two DoE Contaminated Ecosystems. PI A. Chauhan Co-PI S. Brooks, L. Magwood, Jr., X. Xu,  V. Ibeanusi, C. Jagoe, R. Katam, A. Pathak, R. Jaswal. J.R.White. 

*2017-2020 - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Development of a Monitoring Program for Water Quality and Biogeochemical Processes of Louisiana Sediment Borrow Areas. P.I. K. Xu, Co PI  J.R. White, S. Bargu, S. Bentley, K. Maiti and Z. Xue.

*2017-2019 -  RESTORE Center of Excellence - Determining the Influence of Surface Water Diversions on Physical and Nutrient Characteristics of Wetland Soil. Student assistantship PI J.R. White.

*2016-2019 National Science Foundation-Collaborative Research: Fate of Coastal Wetland Carbon Under Increasing Sea Level Rise: Using the Subsiding Louisiana Coast as a Proxy for Future World-Wide Sea Level Projections  P.I. J.R. White, Co PI  R. Cook, G. Xue. in collaboration with Dr. Lisa Chambers PI. at University of Central Florida.

*2016-2018  NOAA (through Texas A&M Corpus Christi) Quantifying and Characterizing the Mississippi River's Contribution of Microplastic Debris to the Gulf of Mexico. P.I. J.L. Conkle, Co Pi. J.R. White, L.G. Chambers, E. Hasenmueller.

 *2016-2019 - US Army Corp of Engineers - Determining the Effects of Thin Layer Dredge Material Placement on Soil Physical and Microbial Parameters.P.I. J.R. White. 

*2016-2018 - The Nature Conservancy of Louisiana - Conservation and Restoration of Atchafalaya River Forested Wetlands: Determination of Microbial Driven Biogeochemical Ecosystem Services. P.I. J.R. White.

*2014-2017 - LA Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority/LA SeaGrant: Coastal Sciences Assistantship Program. Impact of Buried Crude Oil on Soil Microbial Processes in Coastal Wetlands of Barataria Bay. P.I. J.R. White.

2015-2017 - LA Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and The Water Institute of the Gulf.  Reducing Uncertainty on Nutrient Removal for Sediment Diversions.  P.I. J.R. White, Co-Pi K. Xu.

2014-2017 - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Delineating Areas of Enhanced Sediment Accumulation in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. P.I. K. Maiti, Co-Pis J.R. White, R.D. DeLaune.

 2016 -2017 Louisiana Sea Grant - Impacts of the Bonnet Carre Flood Pulse on the nutrient and plankton dynamics of the Lake Pontchartrain Estuary.  P.I. J.R. White, Co-PI S. Bargu.

2013-2016 - LA Office of Coastal Protection & Restoration. Delta Development and Coastal Marsh Accretion during Cold Front Passage and Floods: Relevance to River Diversions. P.I. H. Roberts, Co-P.I.s R.D. DeLaune, C. Sasser, J.R. White, C.Y. Li.

2012-2016 - LSU Block grant from British Petroleum - Integrated Laboratory & Field Studies on Effects of Oil on Key Wetland Soil/Sediment Microbial Biogeochemical Processes. P.I. R.D. DeLaune, Co-P.I. J.R. White, K.R. Reddy, A.V. Ogram, and J.J. Wang.

2014 - Louisiana SeaGrant. Effect of Long-Term Nutrient Loading on Wetland Soil
Microbial Processes in Louisiana Coastal Marshes.  P.I. J.R. White

2012-2013 - Louisiana Water Resource Research Institute. Nutrient and Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Dynamics in Lake Pontchartrain during a Non-Spillway Opening Year. P.I. J.R. White, Co-P.I.s S. Bargu, C.Y. Li.

2011-2013 - LA Office of Coastal Protection & Restoration - Mississippi River Flood Pulse Effects on Coastal Water Quality. P.I. J.R. White.

2011-2013 - United States Army Corp of Engineers - Microbial Indicators of Restoration. P.I. J.R. White.

2011-2013 - LA Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration - Fate and Effect of Added Nitrate-Nitrogen in Mississippi River Water on Marsh Stability. P.I. R.D. DeLaune, Co.P.I. J.R. White.

2011-2013 - LA Office of Coastal Protection and Restoration - Spatial Analysis of the Trajectory of Caernarvon Water, Sediment, and Nutrients and Associated Biomass Response. P.I. J.R. White, Co.P.I. R.D. DeLaune.

2011-2013 - National Science Foundation - RAPID: Sediment, water, and nutrient flux and fate in Lake Pontchartrain from the 2011 Bonnet Carre Spillway opening. P.I. S. Bentley, Co.P.I.s C.Y. Li, J.R. White, S. Bargu, N.N. Walker.

2011-2012 - LA Sea Grant - Effects of Freshwater Input on Nutrient Loading, Phytoplankton Community Composition, Biomass and Cyanotoxin Production in Lake Pontchartrain from the 2011 Bonnet Carre Spillway Opening. P.I. S. Bargu, Co.P.I. J.R. White.

2009-2011 - LUMCON-CREST - Effect of Diverted Mississippi River Nitrate on Marsh Soil Resilience - P.I. J.R. White, Co.P.I. R.D. DeLaune. [Project Summary]

2007-2011 - LA Dept. of Natural Resources – Continuation of Spatial Influence of Mississippi River Diversion at Davis Pond and Caernarvon.  P.I. R.D. Delaune, Co-P.I. J.R. White.

2007-2010 - Shell Oil -  Shell DELTA Observation Systems-wetland platforms - P.I. J.R. White, Co-P.I.s J. Cable, I. Mendelssohn.

2006-2010 - NOAA – Northern Gulf Institute – Investigating Material Exchange Between the Marsh and Channel Along an Estuarine Gradient - P.I. J.Cable, Co-P.I.s J.R.White, I. Mendelssohn, R. Twilley. [Project Summary]

2008-2009 - National Science Foundation - Mississippi River Flood of 2008: Flood-Pulsed Experiments of Coastal Ecosystem Dynamics – P.I. J.R. White, Co.P.I.s C.Li, S, Green, W. Fulweiler, S. Bargu. [Project Summary & Results]

2005-2009 - LA Board of Regents – Research Competitive Subprogram – Effect of Large Scale Surface Water Diversions on Wetland Biogeochemical Cycling and Water Quality - P.I. J.R.White, Co-P.I. R.D. Delaune. [Project Summary & Results]