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Dr. John R. White,
John & Catherine Day Professor of Oceanography & Coastal Science


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Current Students, Staff and Visitors

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Katie Bowes

Degree Sought: : Masters

Research:  Phosphorus Dynamics in Continental Shelf Sediment and Vegetated Deltaic Wetland Soils 


Anticipated Graduation:  Fall 2018


Jessica Vaccare

Degree Sought: Masters


Research: Coastal Wetland Research

Anticipated Graduation:Spring 2019


Alina Spera

Degree Sought: Masters

Research: Effects of a decade of river diversion on wetland soil biogeochemistry


Anticipated Graduation: Summer 2019

Student Scholars/Lab Assistants
Paul Blanchard

Interest:Analytical Chemistry

High School Research Assistant

  Ean Hill

Major: Coastal Environmental Science

Undergraduate Research Assistant

  Amanda Fontenot

Major:  Coastal Environmental Science

Undergraduate Research Scholar

Research Topic:
Degradability of eroding coastal wetland carbon

Award: First Place Poster in STEM Catagory for LSU Discover Day !

International Visitors/Scholars
October 2016-February 2017 

Francisco Ren

Home University: East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Research: Phosphorus Flux from Estuarine Sediments.

Where is he now:  working on Ph.D. at the university of New Hampshire
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