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Laboratory Instrumentation
  BioTek FLx800 Microplate Fluorometer  with filters for detecting soil extracellular enzyme activity.
Shimadzu-TOC-V CNS Analyzer for determination of total C, Inorganic C, Dissolved Organic C and Dissolved Organid Nitrogen in liquid samples.
Shimadzu-2014 GC Shimadzu-2014 Gas Chromatograph with FID and TCD detectors currently configured for low level measurements of carbon dioxide and methane.
Seal AQ2 Automated Discrete Analyzer Seal AQ2 Automated Discrete Analyzer for analysis of water chemistry parameters including ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, soluble reactive phosphorus, silica, total phosphorus and total Kjeldahl nitrogen.
Shimadzu GC-8A Shimadzu GC-8A Gas Chromatograph with an ECD configured for determination of nitrous oxide.
Jeiotech Lab Companion IS-971R  Jeio Tech Lab Companion IS-971R refrigerated and incubated shaker with setting for orbital or reciprocating shaking.  Temperature settings range from 4 to 80oC.
Sorvall RC, 5C Plus Sorvall RC, 5C Plus centrifuge with multiple rotors that allow for  centrifugation of  several size containers.
The Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences also maintains a boatyard with several boats available for day use, including an airboat as well as trucks and vans for field support. We also have access to two ships at LUMCON for longer term use in the Gulf of Mexico.