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Welcome to the WABL - the Wetland and Aquatic Biogeochemistry Laboratory Webpage.  Our research lab is housed within the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences in the School of the Coast & Environment at Louisiana State University.  We are always looking for interested and hardworking undergraduate and graduate students as well as visiting scholars from abroad who are interested in doing research on biogeochemical cycling in natural and human-impacted systems.  Please feel free to contact Dr. John White if you have interest in joining our team at this EMAIL

 Our research is focused on the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients and contaminants in a range of aquatic systems including freshwater and coastal wetlands, lakes, estuaries and coastal inner shelf environments.  Oxidation-reduction reactions, controlled by the microbial communities in the soil and sediment, coupled with sorption reactions control the fate of many contaminants in the environment.  We study these processes over a wide range of scales including laboratory bench top reactors, mesocosms in the greenhouse as well as full-scale field sampling efforts.  Christine VanZomerenResearchers have access to a range of small boats including airboats and trucks for wetland and estuarine work and access to 2 ocean-going vessels at LUMCON for sampling within the Gulf of Mexico.  A list of ongoing undergraduate and graduate research  projects include; 1) Effects of oil spills on coastal wetland microbial processes 2) Phosphorus release from sediments driving coastal eutrophication 3)   Determination of success of reconnection and restoration of riparian wetland systems, 4) Understanding the Wax Lake Delta as proxy for planned Mississippi River sediment diversions, 5) Effect of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations on microbial processes in wetland soils, 6) Evaluation of ecosystem services of dredge material disposal in the Atchafalaya River 7) Carbon sequestration rates of coastal wetland soils and 8) Effects of a decade of nutrient loading on coastal marsh microbial processes.  Feel free to look at our publication list and if you see something that interests you, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to send a PDF.