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Graduate Research Assistantships

Biogeochemistry of Wetlands and Aquatic Systems

Spring (Jan) 2018

Description: a Ph.D. research assistantship is available Spring 2018 focused on coastal wetland carbon dynamics and impacts of sea level rise on carbon sequestration.  Project may include an economic assessment of carbon sequestration for subsiding coastlines, modeling of organic carbon flux into the atmosphere and flux of carbon from estuarine waters into atmosphere. 

Description:  A Masters research assistantship is available in the area of coastal sediment biogeochemistry for Spring 2018. The research will be focused on sediment biogeochemistry of continental shelf sediments as influenced by dredging "borrow" sand deposits.  Student will be co-adivised by Dr. Kanchan Maiti and Dr. John White.  Field work will involve trips to sea for several days each year to sample and measure flux rates. 

Qualifications:  B.S. in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Soil Science, Geology or other related disciplines. Demonstrated excellence in course work, good written and oral communication skills, and the ability to work as a team member is required. You will also need a recent GRE score for graduate school admission.  For Ph.D. Assistanthsips,  a Masters degree is preferred.

Stipend and Fees: Minimum annual stipend is $22,000. Fellowships typically carry larger stipends (your application must be complete to be considered for Fellowships, typically by early Feb for Fall admission).  Graduate Research/Teaching Assistants tuition is fully covered in addition to the stipend and students only pay university fees that range from $3,800 - 4,300 annually, depending on total credit hours.

How to apply: Complete a pre-application, which can be obtained from: the LSU DOCS website.  Remaining application information can also be found on the website. 

Contact:                                  Dr. John R White

                                                Louisiana State University

                                                Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences

                                                Energy Coast and Environment Building Room 3239

                                                (225) 578-8792