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November 5-8, 2017.  Amanda Fontenot attended the CERF - Coastal Estuarine Research Federation Conference in Providence R.I. to present the results of her NOAA-funnded summer internship on carbon flux from coastal wetlands in Sandy Hook, NJ.  Amanda won first place in the undergraduate Poster Competiton, Congrats -Amanda Picture

October 22-25. 2017   Amanda Fontenot presented her undergraduate honors thesis work at the Soil Science Society of America Annual Meeting in Tampa, FL.  Congrats to Amanda as an undergradute, she won second place in the graduate student  poster competiton.  Dr. White was honored as a Fellow of the Society, the highest honor the Society bestows on its members.

                         Amanda Pic           Fellow Award

September 19-20. 2017  WABL Alum Dr. Jacob Berkowitz led a hydric soils workshop at LSU during the Fall Break for industry and students.  This was the second such workshop, with plans to hold it again next year.

August 4, 2017   Sarah Wood marched across the stage today receiving her Masters degree.  Sarah is WABL graduate #26 !    Headed up to stage Pic          Grad Reception Pic

July 19, 2017   Sarah Wood begins her new job with Lord and WInter Environmental Consultants today!  We will see her back on campus on August 4 for her Graduation Ceremony.  Sarah finished her Masters degree, published a paper and is employed in less than 2 years, Outstanding !

July 6, 2017  The WABL took a trip today to Barataria Bay to collect a few cores and continue our monitoring of wetland erosion.  Jessica collected her first LA wetland cores Field PIC

June 23, 2017  Sarah Wood's Thesis defense was held today.  She passed her defense and now is finalizing her thesis for the graduate school.  Congrats.  She is soon to be WABL graduate #26 !

June 14, 2017  The WABL received great news on the publication front.  Sarah Wood's first thesis paper entitled "Microbial Processes Linked to Soil Organic Matter in a Restored and Natural Coastal Wetland in Barataria Bay, Louisiana" was accepted in Ecological Engineering.  Congrats and Thanks to all the great help from our LOSCO partners.

June 5-9, 2017 The WABL went to Puerto Rico for the Society of Wetland Scientists meeting where Sarah Wood and Dr. White presented research on wetland biogeochemistry.    Hotel View PIC

May 5. 2017  College of the Coast & Environment Awards Convocation The WABL was again pulling in the awards at this year's convocation.  Incoming M.S. students Jessica Vaccare and Katie Bowes both received Lipsey recruitment cash awards.  Former M.S. student Brian Levine (working on his Ph.D. in New Zealand now) was awarded the College of Coast & Environment Outstanding Thesis Award.  Finally, Amanda Fontenot was awarded the Andrew "Drew" Wilbert Memorial Award.  Brian Award PIc  Amanda Award Pic     Jessica Award Pic

April 20, 2017 Amanda Fontenot won first place poster at the 3rd Annual CES Undergraduate Student Poster Symposium. The awards keep coming.

April 4, 2017  Amanada Fontenot won First Place Poster at the LSU DIscover Day in the STEM departments for her research on the fate of eroding wetland soil carbon.  Amanda was also selected as the People's Choice Award for the Collges of Basic Sciences and Coast & Environmental. 

March 11, 2017   The WABL was out sampling in Barataria Bay for the NSF Wetland Carbon Erosion project.  You can almost see the erosion happening in real time CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO

February 14, 2017  Brian Levine received a Valentine today from the Soil Science Society of America Journal in the form of an acceptance letter for his manuscript entitled "Impact of crude oil treatments on oxidation-reduction status in soil from a Spartina alternaflora dominated salt marsh in Barataria Bay, Louisiana". The second manuscript from his Thesis. Well Done ! 

January 22-27, 2017  Dr. White attended the AGU Chapman Conference focused on  Extreme Climate Event Impacts on Aquatic Biogeochemical Cycles and Fluxes held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

January 3, 2017  The Soil Science Society of American Journal released a story written for the public from Nia's Masters manuscript on research conducted at the Mollicy Farms riparian wetland restoration site.  The story can be found HERE  The story was also featured on Sciencedaily

December 16, 2016 Brian Levine graduated today with his Master's degree.  Brian was unable to attemd the graduation ceremony as he is in New Zealand beginning his Ph.D. at Massey University.

December 12, 2016 We received word today that undergraduate researcher Amanda Fontenot was one of only 10 LSU students to be awarded the Tom W. Dutton Scholarship for Outstanding Service.  She will be recognized March 11, 2017 at the Love Purple, Live Gold Awards Reception.

 December 2016  Dr. White was one of serveral folks interviewed for a comprehensive story on this years' early opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway.  Story is located on the weather channel Click Here  

November 13, 2016 The WABL received word today that Brian Levine's paper on the Impacts of crude oil on Salt Marsh Denitrification rates was accepted by the Journal of Ecological Engineeing Congrats to Brian and the co-authors.

November 6-9, 2016  Sarah Wood presented her Masters Research Project at the Soil Science Society of America Meeting in Phoenix, AZ.  Sarah was chosen first place in the graduate student competition in Wetland Soils and will receive a $300 cash award.  Congrats to Sarah for keeping the WABL streak of winners alive !!! 

October 5, 2016  The WABL hit the daily double today as a paper from Lindsey Green's Masters was accepted in Ecological Engineering and Nia Hurst's paper in Soil Science Society of America Journal was accepted as well.  Congrats to both of them and all the co-authors!

September 27, 2016  Brian Levine's thesis is now officially accepted by the graduate school.  Brian is slated to start a Ph.D. fellowship to study Phosphorus in agroecoystems at Massey University, New Zealand starting in October 2016.  We wish Brian the best of luck in the Southern Hemisphere.

September 16, 2016  The WABL has received NOAA funding to assist former WABL member, Dr. Jeremy Conkle, in his study of microplastics in the Mississippi River.

September 13, 2016  Brian Levine has his MS defense scheduled for this day.  Brian plans to pursue a Ph.D. in New Zealand, departing in October.

August 2016  The WABL has received NSF funding for a 3-year collaborative grant investigating the fate of carbon eroded from Louisiana's coastal wetlands.  The grant includes Dr. George Xue from the LSU Oceanography and Coastal Sciences Dept, Dr. Robert Cook from the LSU Chemistry Dept and former WABL member, Dr. Lisa Chambers (PI) from University of Central Florida.  See our Press Release   https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2016-10/lsu-rtl101416.php  

August 26 - September 6, 2016  Brian Levine has gone to sea with Dr. Maiti's chemical oceanography group where he is assisting with flux experiments aboard the RV Pelican.  Stay tuned for pictures.

August 5, 2016  GRADUATION DAY    Nia Hurst is graduating today with her Masters Degree.  Nia Accepting diploma from the LSU President PICTURE  Nia and Dr White at Graduation party PICTURE     Nia and labmates Sarah and Amanda PICTURE 

July 19, 2016  Brian Levine submitted his second manuscript from his Masters to Chemosphere today.  Brian's first paper is in review in Ecological Engineering.  Simultaneous with submission, We heard that Havalend and Morgan's paper on long term nutrient enrichment on microbial properties was just accepted in Ecological Engineering.  Congrats !

July 18, 2016  The WABL welcomes Dr. Dongqi Wang from East China Normal University for a 3 week visit.  Dr. Wang and White are working on two papers related to methane production in wetland systems.

June 22, 2016  Nia Hurst successfully defended her Masters thesis entitled "Effect of restoration on Nitrate Reduction and Biogeochemical Functioning in Louisiana Wetlands:Bottomland Hardwood Forests and Deltaic Sediments"  Nia is hard at work on edits and preparing manuscripts ahead of her August 5th graduation !! Defense Pic1    Pic2

June 1-4, 2016 The WABL team was all over the map this week as Brian Levine is still down in Chile with the LSU Coastal Roots Program, Nia Hurst and Dr. White were presentating research at the Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting in Corpus Christi, TX and Sarah Wood was presenting her research at the bienniel State of the Coast Meeting held in New Orleans, LA.  We visited with 4 former WABL members at The Society of Wetland Scientists Meeting including Dr. Jeremy Conkle, Dr. Jacob Berkowitz, Dr. Christine VanZomeren and Dr. Lisa Chambers.

May 6, 2016 College of the Coast & Environment Awards Convocation.  The WABL received a number of awards including  Nia Hurst winning the  Warren "Whip" Mermiliod Award, Brian Levine winning 2nd place in the Graduate student presentation contest, undergraduate researcher Amanda Fontenot winning the Andrew "Drew" Wilbert Memorial Scholarship and Finally, former M.S. student Havalend Steinmuller (working on her Ph.D. at UCF now) was awarded the Outstanding Thesis Award. Nia Picture   Amanda Picture  Havalend Picture

January-February 2016  The WABL is teaming up with Dr Bargu's phytoplankton ecology lab and Dr. Cook's environmental chemistry lab to sample a 30 km transect in the Lake Pontchartrain Estuary during and post closure of the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening - a Mississippi River flood release valve designed to protect the city of New Orleans. We are running weekly sampling events to look at dissolved carbon, phytoplankton communities, and dissolved and total nutrients.

January 2016  Gradute student Brian Levine was chosen as one of 4 student representatives to take part in LSU's "Coastal Roots Program" in Concepcion, Chile this summer. Brian will work in classrooms with Chilean Science teachers and students to enhance knowledge related to coastal and environmental issues and interact and participate with partners at the University of Conception for a month. 

January 2016 Undergraduate researcher, Amanda Fontenot was awarded a UROP (undergraduate reseearch opportunities) grant from LA Seagrant for research on loss of carbon in eroding coastal wetlands.

November 14-18, 2015 - CONFERENCE - Dr. White, Brian Levine and Nia Hurst flew to Minneapolis Minnesota to present research talks at the International Soil Science Society of America Conference.  Brian and NIa finished 1st and 2nd place in the student presentation competition in the Wetland Sciences division.  PICTURE

November 13, 2015- SCIENCE FAIR - Dr. White, Brian Levine and Nia Hurst volunteered as Science Fair Judges at Iberville Science Math and Arts Academy.

October 27-29, 2015 - HYDRIC SOILS WORKSHOP - Drs. Jacob Berkowitz and John White held a hydric soils for wetland identification workshop at the School of the Coast & Environment.  Eight students attended the 2 1/2 day workshop which included two 1/2 days in the field identifying hydric soils. PICTURE1  PICTURE2

September 15, 2015 - WABL has an INTERNATIONAL VISITOR - Francisco Ren from East China Normal University began a 6 month visit to our lab to work on phosphorus flux from estuarine sediments.

August 7, 2015 - GRADUATION DAY

            Havalend Steinmuller received her M.S. degree in Oceanography & Coastal Sciences.  Havalend is pursuing her Ph.D. with Dr. Lisa Chambers in the Dept of Biology at the University of Central Florida.  PICTURE

           Lindsey Green received her M.S. degree in Oceanography & Coastal Sciences.

December 19, 2014 - GRADUATION DAY

            Nathan Nguyen received his M.S. degree in Oceanography & Coastal Sciences.  Nathan is gainfully employed as a technical service rep.  Nathan  consults on water chemistry and process treatment with refineries and chemical production plants for Athlon Solutions.  PICTURE1          PICTURE2

August 8, 2014 - GRADUATION DAY

            Morgan McKee received her M.S. degree in Oceanography & Coastal Sciences.   Morgan has accepted a position with CH2MHILL as a Field Biologist.  She will be collecting and analyzing data from the Louisiana statewide wetland monioring network (CRMS).  Her thesis focused on two stressors to coastal wetland systems; storm driven salinity pulses in fresh and oligohaline wetlands and chronic nutrient loading to coastal wetlands.  PICTURE

            Jason PIetroski received his M.S. degree in Oceanography & Coastal Sciences.  Jason has accepted a position with the Army Corp of Engineers in Vicksburg, MS.  His thesis was focused on the effects of both fresh and weathered crude oil from the Macondo-BP spill on wetland microbial processes. PICTURE

            Joseph Kieffer recieved his B.S. degree in Coastal Environmental Science.  Joseph is currently working in a lab position at a chemical plant.  His undergraduate summer research project determined the denitrification rates of different systems of the Wax Lake Delta, Louisiana.  PICTURE

November 2013 - WABL PhD student Eric Roy was recently awarded an honor award in the Student Collaboration Category of the 2013 American Society of Landscape Architecture Awards Competition for his work with LSU Landscape Architecture Student Matthew Seibert. Read about their interdisciplinary work on phosphorus cycling in the Pontchartrain watershed here.

May 25, 2011 - WABL head Dr. John White and LSU Oceanography & Coastal Sciences collaborator Dr. Sibel Bargu were featured in a news clip for local Baton Rouge NBC33 television about the Bonnet Carre Spillway opening in response to the 2011 Mississippi River Flood.  Drs. White and Bargu discuss the potential impacts to Lake Pontchartrain of the massive influx of nutrient-rich Mississippi River water through the Spillway.  Read more and watch a video here.

September 29, 2010 - NOAA Administrator, Dr. Jane Lubchenco, visited the Wetland and Aquatic Biogeochemistry Lab at LSU recently. The visit was part of her tour of labs at LSU's School of the Coast and Environment to "say thank you and learn a little more about how the school came up with answers to tough questions in the days after the [BP Deepwater Horizon oil] spill."  Read more and watch the below video here.