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The Global Paleoecology Lab is housed in the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, School of the Coast and Environment. The over-arching theme of our research is global environmental change. We seek to address the question of how climate changes occurring over multiple timescales (from millennial to multidecadal) affect the geosphere-biosphere and how human societies respond to these environmental changes. Our research centers on producing paleoecological records of global environmental changes, and understanding the patterns and processes of these changes occurring in different components of the climate system (tropical cyclones, ENSO, monsoons, westerlies, arctic front). It is truly global in scope as it spans different continents of the world.

Within this context, I and my students have worked on a wide range of cutting-edge research areas or fields on a global scale. The following is a partial list of current and past research projects:

All of our research projects at LSU are supported by nationally competitive grants from NSF, in addition to grants from the IAI, RPI, NOAA, and NGS.

Please browse our webpage to find out more about our research activities. Feel free to contact me if you would like to have additional information.

Kam-biu Liu
Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences
School of the Coast and Environment
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