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Eugene Turner

eugene_turner.jpgClasses Taught (last 10 years):

OCS 4560 (3 hr) Wetland Loss, Restoration and Management (every other year; short course for various entities)
OCS (3 hr) Restoration Ecology, Ecological Restoration (every other year)


Farming Wetlands in Old Acadie - Nova Scotia; 3 hr 2006; 2 hr 2008); Tropical Coastal Management (Mexico; 3 hr. 2005, 2006)

Seminars (1 or 2 hr): Sustainable Campus (2008); Salt marsh Literature (2004; 2013)


Bachelor's Degree(s): Monmouth College, 1967
Master's Degree: Drake University, 1969
PhD: University of Georgia, 1974

Research Interests:

Biological Oceanography; Conservation and Restoration; Environment and Management; Fisheries Ecology; Land-Use and Water Quality; Science Infrastructure; Sustainable Systems; Wetlands;


Obenour, D.R., D. Scavia, N.N. Rabalais, R.E. Turner, A.M. Michalak 2013. A retrospective analysis of mid-summer hypoxic area and volume in the northern Gulf of Mexico, 1985-2011. Environmental Science and Technology DOI: 10.1021/es400983g. online

Turner, R.E. and N.N. Rabalais 2013. Nitrogen and phosphorus phytoplankton growth limitation in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 68: 159-169. Tweel, A.W. and R.E. Turner 2012. Landscape-scale analysis of wetland sediment deposition from four tropical cyclone events. PloS ONE 7(11): e50528.

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Kearney, M.S., C.A. Riter, and R.E. Turner 2011. Freshwater diversions for marsh restoration in Louisiana: Twenty-six years of changing vegetative cover and marsh area. Geophysical Research Letters 38, L16405, doi:10.1029/2011GL047847.

Turner, R. E. 2009. Doubt and the values of an ignorance-based world view for wetland restoration: Coastal Louisiana. Estuaries and Coasts 32: 1054-1068.

Gardner, R. C. J. Zedler, A. Redmond, R. E. Turner, C. A. Johnston, V. A. Alvarez, C. A. Simenstad,K. L. Prestegaard, and W. J. Mitsch 2009. Compensating for wetland losses under the Clean Water Act (Redux): Evaluating the Federal compensatory mitigation regulation. Stetson Law Review 38(2): 213-249.

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Turner, R. E., J. Spicer, and J. Mariscal (eds.) 2007. A Guide for Exploration In and Around Melaque, Mexico. Centro Universitario de al Costa Sur, Melaque, MX. 39 pp.+ix.

Turner, R. E., J. J. Baustian, E. M. Swenson and J. S. Spicer 2006. Wetland sedimentation from hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Science 314: 449-452.

Research Projects (5 most recent):

2011-2014 – Gulf of Mexico Research Institute – Co-PI, investigation of coastal ecosystems resulting from 2010 BP Macondo oil ‘spill, $3M of $13M, 26 co-PIs, 12 institutions.

1990-2013 – Louisiana Board of Regents – PI, Graduate Fellowship program (Oceanography and Coastal Sciences, Environmental Studies, Geology and Geophysics), typically $100K to $200K annually for M.S. and Ph.D. students.

2011-2014 – National Science Foundation – Co-PI, $101K, with 5 institutions and 8 others.

2011-2014 – NASA - Co-PI; Southern University, Climate change education; Co-PIs Z. Ning, 5 institutions and 8 others.

2009-2014 – NOAA - Coastal Ocean Program – co-PI, Hypoxia Monitoring; subaward ($1.5 million of $5M) with 3 institutions. Co-PIs, with D. Justic’, C. Li, D. Scavia, B. Roberts, N.N. Rabalais; 3 other institutions.

Meetings organized:

EcoForum, Louisiana State University. co-organizer with L. Hooper-Biu (Entomology) and Kyle Harms (Basic Sciences) 25 April. 2013 .

Associated Societies for Limnology and Oceanography, New Orleans (USA). 17-22 Feb. 2013; local organizing committee.

Ninth International Wetlands Conference, Orlando, Florida (USA) June
2012; (hosted by K.R.Reddy, G.R. Best and G. Guntenspergen). Aprox 1240 attendees from 43 countries. Held every 4 years since 1990.